Gaining Stares and Satisfaction

An image in a black shadow. Count down as numbers fade. Scrawl these letters in wine so gracefully spilt. Reaching for anything to erase this guilt. Remaining comfortable within blacked out rooms. My lungs are now use to polluted air. Still unable to collect my bones and venture outside. Banishment. A lack of movement. Preserve any energy left in ones soul. In order to keep major cells working. A shell without an inner. Now alone and left to wither. A stolen soul has no chance of returning. Already beckoned towards a new owner. A mixing of electricity. Mixing of soundwaves though never quite in tune. Please let this end soon. When on earth will I be content. Of your departure that I resent. For now I will venture in solidtary. As I feel so... lured.


I long to hear your words which you can so gracefully conjure. Causing anyone to shudder.. and shiver in disgust that they had once again fallen. Fallen into hands that would not reach to collect, the remains that followed an empty shell of a soul. Openly uttering words which will never matter.. I love you.

No reply. A subtle goodbye. Now shows that all I was is gone. Destined to wander solo among the shadows.

Your Whisper was Pure Silence to my Ears

You are my firewall. Torturous seeing my reflection in your blood shot eyes. Endulging in substances hopefully unseen. Creating a hideway from a self untrue. Would you call me from afar and guide me in the dark? More difficult than first dreamt. Lips engulfed. Emerging into promised guilt. Failing, beginning to wilt. Losing forever a meaning that cost so much. A heavy arm trying to hold a heavy heart. You knew this would fail. And so you left behind many words unspoken. With time somehow perfectly elapsed.

I want to freeze you in place of the last time I saw your beloved face.

Balancing on Steps Not Big Enough to Climb

Your lies don't count when your creativity is short.

Such relevance is more than first meaning.

Superficial in one instant.

Eyes that see straight through grow weary when they find out the truth.

Your shadow will follow you out of the darkness. From the backyards cluttered with yesterdays mess. Wandering away from the crowds of wisdom. Your voice now heard among the trees of content. Everyone wished to tell you their way. Only promoting the will to escape from their reach. To a motionless tundra where no trees grow. In an emotionless tundra where no love grows. And a minute seems faster if you wish for so much. And your tears will swell larger if you have lost all heart. Then you stumble and fall on the forests leaf bed. And you are caught by the ground who'll instruct you to stay. 'Clear your head for a while, rid of confusion and dismay'.

Tread lightly. No need to make a scene. Your footsteps haunt the bed of those who rest. Now stirring in the carriage. Far from a tranquil reality. A constant reminder that you will never sleep. Im swallowing my goodbyes to you. A hearty meal surely worth the feast. Savouring the truth for later. For now you wont even offer the time. Admit the facts so calmly lay before you. Where do you wish to fall when the sun has faded out?

Losing to Imagery in my Head

Clearing up, I'm learning how to breathe. Everything seems softer now. Everything seems lighter now. Darker now as motion starts to blur. Keep focused. Look at me. Stay focused, these games weren't meant for one. Hooded from interatction. Commotion. Try to rustle your attention. In another realm. Hope you're not alone. I'm alone.

Your Heart is Reflected in the Wine I Drink

Only been here so long. Oh I wish I didn't have to leave. A quiet room only in the morning. Muffled once the work begins. You are more amazing than I remember. Actually, you were everything I wished for. Cells are falling out of place of a brain that once was complete. One wrong decision can destroy all strength. A strength never worthwhile to begin. Travelling to places to calm the soul. Smiling at the beautiful, the simple it seems. There is nowhere for me to belong up here. Away from you my heart does not rest. How wrong was I to believe I was different. When all I was a fraying identity. I now place myself in soliditary. Listen to chimes and tweaks of the instrument you love. Telling myself my thoughts are inconclusive. All but future, reinventing the past.

See my reflection, im counting. Hear hidden noise, muffled talk. I feel this drawing to an end. Feet tapping, faster than they used to. To run, explore, dance. Not to excape. What is there to leave? When all you have is open road. To guide you to places you will one day never leave. Lines that pass infinitive. Like a shooting star, I see your plane in the distance. Is this meant to be luck? Or a glistening farewell?

There's a wind storm swirling around me. Though I'm still as cement. A simple piece of actressing. Pluck my hate, my despair from my soul.

Tingling fingers. You warm my heart. Haunting voices. Guiding me on a whisper. Forcing me into thought, your dramatic impulse. Fade away. Let me have my dance. Let's confess. We need fresh air.

Set Apon a New Breeze

Deep sleep.

Mezmerised and absorbed.

Running through tunnels with unexpeced twists.

Peaceful eyes with departing smiles.

A combination not favoured among most.

Unable to bridge the gap between geography.

Leaves the ending no less than abrupt.

Across the channel but no closer to your adoring face. Travelling for days that last forever without a whisper of your soft words. Foolish enough to run from love, now stunting the paths I wished to follow. Once longed for dreams slaved by direction. Through frail health comes relisation of a poor decision. A loss of sight for what is truly important. To live and love. Written easier than in action.

this city sleeps with the lights still on

As the night clouds roll in, reluctant at first.

I say goodnight to you, my awkward mind.

My eyes hurt from the distortion you send.